Project Stakeholders and Initiators

Project is conceptualized and initiated by Urban Development Department and Information Technology Department of Maharashtra by formal method of selection for the technology and execution partners. Project will be monitored from these departments for its completion

Department of Municipal Administration with all Municipal corporations, Municipal Councils and Nagar Parishads will be administrating the GIS surveys carried out at their respective jurisdiction.

Technology Partners and implementation partners will be carrying the surveys with the help of above departments at ground level

Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to create a web based GIS platform for Property data enriched with locational information in the form of attributes, images and measurement data to be used as a Decision Support System for enhanced governance having the following:

  • Updated GIS base maps with various natural and man-made features extracted from latest satellite images
  • Conduct assessment of each property and record the deviations if any (compared with old data)
  • Visual, as-is 360 degree imagery of land and building properties
  • LiDAR data base of captured assets
  • Underground utility data base for various utilities.
  • Interactive web based platform for MIS report generation and analysis by various departments.

Project Benefits

GIS portal project is one of it’s kind initiated to achieve following Major Benefits :

  • Ease of eGovernance at all the ULBs and Corporations
  • Understand the scale of the ULBs in terms of number of properties and attributes of the properties
  • Estimate the future growth and estimate the demand for housing
  • Plan for the future needs of the citizens to support the anticipated growth
  • Go to new construction/property owners and facilitate their assessment
  • Reduce citizens visits to Government office to get required support by registering right demand during survey
  • Increase funds for ULB for future development through Property Tax collection
  • Offer more and more facilities to residents /Citizens like faster building approvals

Wanted Co-ordinators

Detail KRA for Coordinator :

In this project we need to undertake house to house property survey using Smartphone based solution and upload it on cloud based storage. The payment would be on the performance basis where number of survey completion would be the key factor. Coordinator will be paid based on the target completed directly in bank account from Payroll management organization after end of the month.

You would be appointed as the supervisor for Geospatial project in Maharashtra for specific area or region. Following are the key areas of coordination assigned to the Coordinator

Coordinate with ULB officers and Our HO:

You will be single point of contact for company at your assigned location. You need to execute the Plan received from Management Team and support them with the timely action and assigned deliveries. Some of the key activities are as follows:

Wanted Surveyors

Detail KRA for Surveyor:

In this project we need to undertake house to house property survey using Smartphone based solution and upload it on cloud based storage. Surveyor will act as the independent surveyor for the allocated area of survey. Surveyor would be paid based on the survey completed by him and quality of survey assessed by quality team. Based on Successful completed surveys Surveyor will raise the invoice and Payment will get credited in bank account directly from company. There will be daily update on the accepted work and equivalent amount accumulated towards it to be credited.

  • Register online andkeep profile up to date for personal and bank details so that your payment will be directly credited in your bank account.
  • Understand and learn the project and process of survey
  • Learn Smartphone based application to undertake the field survey
  • Procure and learn required instruments required for the field survey
  • Learn on how to use Disto-meter and other instruments to perform measurement of property
  • Conduct House to House property survey and submit online data on each survey completed.
  • Perform Survey Correctionsdata on feedback from Quality Control team
  • Follow all the instructions received to conduct safe and secure survey
  • Communicate and resolve any challenges faced during survey with supervisor.
  • Conduct surveys efficiently to get eligibility for incentive scheme on most successful surveyor