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Geoportal Project Overview

We are in the Era of Digital India and eGovernance has become the prime focus to bring transparency, accuracy and save time for citizens and all the government officers.

The government of Maharashtra is committed to provide the citizens various such digital eGovernance services and government departments engaged in providing these services have, over a period, have utilized massive data to plan the services, monitor the services and assess the effectiveness of these services. There is an increased emphasis on using the latest and relevant technologies to enhance eGovernance operating functions.

In line with vision, the Maharashtra IT Corporation has conceptualized project called 'Geo Portal for all ULBs' . This portal in envisaged a GIS based Decision Support System across the ULBs, DMA and UDD.

The project is aimed at capturing accurate information through method of GIS based Survey for various Property assets as they exist on the ground. State-of-the-art mapping and surveying technologies are employed to achieve the accuracy and reliable ground information on the ‘as is’ at street level.

Project Stakeholders & Initiators

Project is conceptualized and initiated by Urban Development Department and Information Technology

Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to create a web based GIS platform for Property data enriched with locational information

Project Benefits

GIS portal project is one of it’s kind initiated to achieve following Major Benefits Ease of eGovernance

Wanted Co-ordinators

In this project we need to undertake house to house property survey using Smartphone based solution and upload it on cloud based storage. The payment would be on the

Wanted Surveyors

Surveyor will act as the independent surveyor for the allocated area of survey. Surveyor would be paid based on the survey completed by him and quality of survey

Survey Feedback & Comments

  • "Maha Survey is extremely helpful and revolutionary project for Government of Maharashtra. We are providing every possible help to increase efficiency of the work and output of project. "

    - State Officer
    (Government officer of Maharashtra)
  • "Government Maha Survey project is initiated in our “Mohpa Council”, this project is very important and is having very well execution process. Mohpa Council is providing all help and support"

    - CO
    (Mohpa Council ULB)